1. Magnetic message board - 12 x 12 piece of board with a 12 x 12 piece of metal nailed to it. We will embellish it with ribbon on the edges and put flowers on the one side of the magnet. You hang it on your wall and use the magnets to hang pictures or messages on. This is great for a teenager to hang in their room. (Click here to see an example of this project)

2. Paper bag albums - You take 3 paper lunch bags and fold them in half. Punch 4 - 5 holes along the left hand side to make it look like a book. Decorate in "scrapbook" style and add pictures and journaling. Very easy.

Click here to get instructions on how to make paper bag albums.
See examples of this craft: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

3. Dates to Remember binder - Are you a person or do you know a person that sends cards to everyone. This binder will have 2 sheet protectors for each month. The first sheet protectors has the month with a table on it to list all those who have birthdays, anniversaries in the month of "January", then on the sheet protector next to it, it will have a slot to hold the cards for that month. In order to make the slot, take a sheet protector and cut the "folded" edge until 1/2 down the page - fold the upper half that you have just cut into the bottom 1/2 of the sheet protector. This will then create a "pocket" so you can hold your cards in it. This is wonderful for the older sisters.

4. Hanging Letters - A wood letter that we will modge podge scrapbook paper on top of. We will wrap some cute ribbon around it to hang from a peg. It looks really cute if you have a wall of family pictures and then hang the letter of your last name next to the pictures. Can embellish with flowers, buttons, or anything that will match your decor. The sister can choose to use one letter or they can spell a word out, depending on how much they want to spend.

5. A coupon class - How to save money with coupons. We have a sister in our ward that has the biggest stock pile of groceries and she has done it all with coupons. Most of the items she has even gotten for free. If you don't know anybody that is into coupons, log on the Pinchin' Your Pennies they have a wonderful way of buying groceries.

6. Lap quilts - These quilts are great for the older sisters to do and they require "NO" frames. They are only big enough to sit on your lap, but they will be donated to a local nursing home. These are perfect for those who are confined to a wheel chair and may need a blanket on, but not anything big. The way to make these are to cut out two pieces of material 4 ft by 4 ft, one for the top and one for the bottom and then your batting which is the same size. You then take the bottom piece and your batting. While sitting on your lap, tie the batting and the bottom piece together with ties, just like your regular quilts - yes, the ties are going to be "inside" the quilt, you won't see them. Once finished, sew 3 sides of your top with the right sides together to the bottom of the quilt - so you will have it layered like this - top of quilt, upside down, sewn to your bottom of quilt which is attached to your batting. Flip the quilt inside out now, so you should have it look like a regular quilt with the ties inside. Sew your bottom seam and you are finished.