Rachel writes, "Recently our Primary President had a wonderful idea to invite scripture characters to teach during our sharing time. It was a fantastic success! The children were riveted! I have never seen them listen so intently and answer questions so readily. Our "Nephi" walked into the room speaking another language and then said "Oh you speak English?" He said "Your Primary President asked me visit today, so I stepped right out of the scriptures and time traveled to see you! I brought a few things with me to tell you about my life. See if you can guess who I am." He had a bow along with some untipped arrows, a liahona, a sledge hammer, and the scriptures. He talked about different events in Nehi's life that went with each item: the broken bow and hunting for food in the wilderness, following the Prophet Lehi, building the ship in faith, and writing his story in the scriptures for us to read. We had him prayerfully read that weeks lesson about Following the Prophet beforehand. So He planned his message accordingly. We also wrote some questions for him and let older children read them.

- How can we obey in these latter days?
- What is one piece of advice you can give us?

We are thinking of inviting a new scripture hero to sharing time each month. Depending on the lesson in the manual, we can find a character whose life relates to the topic. October is about Prayer. Maybe Enos will give us a visit. June is about Repentance and we might just see Alma the Younger step out of the scriptures to tell us about it. This truly made the scriptures come alive for our youth! The spirit was so wonderful and strong as our Nephi testified that the scriptures are true. I know it touched our primary children."