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Heather writes, "My new pianist has requested a list of songs in advance each Sunday, and so I’ve put together a “Master Plan” for the year. This will be a working document—I list the theme song, and then supplemental songs that I may use for Opening or Closing songs, etc., throughout the month.  You will also find that I’ve taken the time to read through the entire Primary Outline to identify the songs that are often highlighted—I have listed these under an underlined title such as “Week 1.”  Only those weeks with specific songs identified are included in my Master Plan—this way I can be more flexible on the other weeks. I have also decided this year to focus on a specific “Scripture song” each month. I have not listed “Wiggle” songs. This year I think I will put names of Wiggle songs in a container of some sort for the kids to choose randomly. Maybe someone will find this helpful!"