Cereal Scenes - I found some pictures of different scene's from the Ten Commandments made completely out of breakfast cereal.  *You could adapt this to any subject; however, it would maybe be fun for a Family Night and/or Quarterly Activity to create a theme and have each team go for it.  Everyone could do something different or you could all have the same theme and see what you all come up with.  You can see some pictures from our past cereal competition as inspiration.
Ten Commandment Games/Activities, 10 commandment boat, 10 commandment train (scroll down)


Moses and the Ten Commandments


Family Home Evening Lesson on Obey the Commandments by Deseret Book
Family Home Evening Lesson on Keep the Commandments (another one) by Deseret Book
The Commandments - Gifts from a loving Father
 The Ten Commandments


 Commandment Cones


The Ten Commandments - A Finger Play


Exodus Game, November 1990 Friend


Glow in the dark bracelet - you know those rubber wristbands that are popular.  Well, they have a glow in the dark version.  Give one as a handout and explain that you need to constantly be filling yourself with the spirit/light. The more you fill yourself with the light (by obeying the commandments) the brighter your light is. But, you cannot be lazy you have to consistently be drawing from the light/spirit to let your own spirit shine.
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 Ten Commandment Worksheet


The commandments help us choose the right (Primary Manual 3)


Memorizing the ten commandments
How to teach the ten commandments (pdf)
How to teach the ten commandments to your children
When we had a lesson on the Ten Commandments, I used bulletin board paper and cut out a large "tablet" shape. It is in the shape of Moses' stone tablet. Write 5 commandments on each side, leaving plenty of space between them for the children to illustrate. The children love the chance to really think about them and illustrate them. The best part is when it is displayed for all to see. (Idea by Tammie Jones)


The Ten Commandments, October 1982 Friend
The Ten Commandments Song


Armor of God - This object lesson could be used to show how the commandments protect us.
 I used a wide shallow bowl full of water. I brought bright blue pebbles and let each girl name a way to break a commandment and drop a pebble and watch the ripple. Then they named a way to resist the temptation of breaking a commandment and dropped a pebble. We talked about how the ripple effect can be both good and bad. It's their decision.  It was an enlightening discussion for them. One of them brought up a particularly bad activity night where one girl acted out and the rest of them followed her. It turned into a way for them to brainstorm ideas of how to turn nights like that into good nights. I was impressed.  (Idea by Stephanie Thomas)
Thumbs Down
Tie a cord, string, or rope between two objects in your classroom (the door and a chair across the room, for example). Allow the children to take turns using the cord to help them find their way across the room with their eyes closed. You might have some reward for each child at the end of the cord. Explain that just as this cord leads us across the room, the commandments lead us back to Heavenly Father. (Taken from The Commandments Help Us Choose the Right, Primary 3 Manual, Lesson 3)


 Spiritual Vertigo


Find a Commandment, August/September 1985 Friend


One Liners
Quick Quotes


Commandments, March 1995 Friend
I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will help me keep the commandments
I know I will live with Heavenly Father again if I keep the commandments
I will show my gratitude and love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by keeping their commandments
If I keep the commandments, I can live with Heavenly Father again.
Keep the Commandments, June 1999 Friend
 Keeping the Commandments by Holly Joyce


The Kite


The Third Commandment by Ester Rasband, April 1999 Ensign