Lesson 38

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PURPOSE: To encourage each child to choose to be honest in thought, word, and deed.

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9. Lisa Caroon writes, "LDS.org has a great "mormonad" in their media library called "Big Lies" May 1984 New Era. It shows a boy who told a yarn and ended up with his mouth wrapped up in the lie.  I am going to use this poster for display and then have each class member tie a piece of yarn around their finger to remind them that "Big lies can start with a little yarn".  Another object lesson idea was to have 3-4 balls of different colored yarn (or more!).  One student would hand a strand of yarn to another class member and then do the same for another ball of yarn and another until all of the balls of yarn are connected to a person.  Then have the class members mix up and switch places while holding tightly to their individual strand of yarn.  This should illustrate a tangle of yarn. You might bring out the following points: It's hard to keep lies "straight" and one lie can lead to a tangle of lies.  It's hard to hold onto the balls of yarn and do other activities well.  We can't keep the commandments well when we are distracted by our "yarns".  You could also illustrate repentance by having the class member carefully unravel his yarn. The teacher could help too, representing parents and priesthood leaders."