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PURPOSE: To help each child better understand the power of the priesthood.

1. Primary 7 Lesson Cards

2. Object Lesson - Priesthood Shoes

3. Priesthood Cryptogram by Pamela Nisson

4. Draw some rocks on paper and write one of the blessings we receive through the Priesthood on each rock. Place the rocks in a line down the middle of the class room to represent a road. During the lesson pick up each rock and talk about the blessing written on the rock.

5. Handout idea from LDS Family Fun

6. Another handout idea - "The blessings of the Priesthood are immeasurable" (attach to a small ruler or tape measurer)

7. Check your church library to see if they have the following video clip - Family Home Evening Supplement - 'The Blessings of the Priesthood,' 7:07 min (Video Clip 12)

8. What I did was have the children present the miracles to the class. In pairs, or more if you have a larger class, I assigned them each one of the four miracles in the lesson. They read it, discussed it with their partner and then shared it with the class, either reading it and holding the picture or acting it out, or just summarizing it.  For the first attention activity, I had the magnets and a flashlight on the table. Then I told them the lesson was about power and could they find at least 4 different kinds of power in the room and explaining how each worked. Boy were they creative! They named electricity, the battery, their own bodies, the sun, the wind (even though there was no wind :O) ), water, earthquakes, and the magnets. Then I transitioned into the Power of God which is greater than ALL the rest--even the wind and water and asked what was it called--Priesthood. Then we all did the first miracle together, because the class is quite small--only 4 children. Then they did pair and share for 2 of them and I did the last. It got them moving a bit and talking with their partner so I think it went good. Then the rest of the lesson we just quickly discussed the uses for the priesthood today, bearing my testimony of its power--if I had had time I would have liked to have talked about how it was restored but ran out of time. Probably the first activity went a little long. That can be hard to judge when you haven't been in the classroom in a while--I was subbing yesterday and loved it! (Idea by Teresa Tovar / ga04302007)

9. Jesus Christ used His Priesthood Power to bless others (Power Point Presentation) by Ericka Covalt

10. (Similar to Idea #6) Begin your class with the lights turned off. Ask if they anyone noticed something unusual. Turn on the lights. Talk about the power of electricity that gives light. Discuss what things in homes run on electricity (stove, refrigerator, fans, tools, and so on). Explain that your going to talk about a different kind of power, a power stronger than electricity: the power of the priesthood of God.

11. Teaching Stripling Warriors

12. Valiant 10 Newsletter by Fran English

13. Valiant Newsletter Lesson 11 by Rudy and Lyn Montes

14. Rachael's Booknook

15. Chicken Scratch 'n Sniff