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alt We will be sending one of our missionaries a throw size blanket that has the Primary children's footprints on it w/ their names.  This missionary was a Primary teacher when we were spotlighting the children each week and then we traced their foot on this material.  The material also reads:  I Will Follow God's Plan. (Nikki Hershberger/ga10192006)
alt When my son was on his mission I sent him a birthday box.  I put a cake mix, frosting, disposable pan, tubes of decorator frosting, candles, noise makers, party hats, and anything else I could think of.  I wanted him to have a birthday party even though he was away from home.  He and his companion had been working with a guy and he had been working on his smoking problem.  He had finally quit.  My son used his birthday package to celebrate with that gentlemen.  It turned out even better than I had planned. (Idea by Camille/ga10122006)