If you have ideas on how to teach any song listed below or ones in the hymn book or Friend, e-mail me.


Samuel tells of the baby Jesus, pg. 36
Saturday, pg. 196
Scatter Sunshine, pg. 230
Scripture Power, October 1987 Friend
Search, Ponder and Pray, pg. 109
Seek the Lord Early, pg. 108
Shine on, pg. 144
Silent Night
Sing a Song (round), pg. 253a
Sing your way home, pg. 193
Singing a song is fun to do, pg. 253b
Skies are fair above us, pg. 232
Sleep, little Jesus, pg. 47
Smiles, pg. 267a
Springtime is coming, pg. 238
Stand for the right, pg. 159
Stand up, pg. 278
Standing Tall from the January 2016 Friend
Stars were gleaming, pg. 37