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Full year program

A wonderful talk by Patricia P. Pineager called, "Children: Our Priceless Converts"

Fun ideas to let one know they are missed

The activity we're doing tomorrow is to help let our inactive Primary children know they're missed. It's been a focus for our entire ward. Anyway, we're decorating sugar cookies with the children, having them sign and decorate 11 x 17 posters for each family and then delivering the cookies. We have a relatively small Primary - active average 20-25 weekly. Inactive we have about the same. I created a Parental Permission slip so we can drive the kids around.  (Idea by Elena / ga07202009)

We're "soda-lighted" to get to know you better by Whitney Garrett 

"I was lucky enough to be taught that when I have a calling to teach in Primary, I serve as the Shepherd of that class. Every child deserves to be taught every week. I felt that it was my calling to teach every child in my class whether they attended Primary that week or not. My sheep will only follow me if they know my voice, so I visit every child who misses Primary class, every week. I take them the things we did or made in class, and I very briefly teach them the lesson concept. This has increased attendance, reverence, and love in my class. They know I love them, because I make the effort to go to them when they can't come to Primary. One child only came twice the entire year, but she often called me in the afternoons just to talk. I felt that perhaps I had failed because she had only come 2 times to my class, but I later found out that she had papered her room with all of the little notes, and lesson handouts I had given her. I was told that she called me when her mother was gone in the afternoons because she knew I cared about her and she felt I was her friend. When we go out and find our sheep, they get the message. It can be tiring caring for so many sheep, but it is always worth it." (Credit Unknown)

We missed you cards / postcards

"My secretary, is a wiz at the computer. She made up this great idea for welcoming new and less active children to Primary. She sends them a card she made on the computer that says "Welcome to Primary" with info like who their teacher is and what room their class is in.  The names of the presidency and our phone #'s, what ward we are, where the church is and what time our ward meets.  That way when this child comes to church they are not wandering around lost. They feel much more welcomed to our primary. and it is great information for their parents also." (Judy Vogel)

"We got this idea from others' ideas, but we are going to try and implement it with working with other in the ward council.  Our ward boundaries spread over several miles.  We thought this idea would cut down on mailing cost and most importantly, help our ward council to work together.  Our idea is to ask children in primary to bring in their Friend magazines, after they are through with them.  Then we are going to try and give them to the High Priests, Elders quorum, and ward missionaries. These men will hopefully be able to have a few copies of Friend magazines with them when they do their home teaching.  Men will be able to offer these magazines to the parents who have children in their home as a gift.   I guess children could also just invite their own fathers to share the Friend magazines with his own home teaching families. We hope this works well.  It is a easy way to get the magazines out to children who don't receive them.  Also, we hope it will give the men something to offer the children when they visit.  We think all will enjoy this."  (Idea from Lyndi)